Antiquated opinions

This is the personal outlet of an old, grumpy software developer. All opinions are my own, not those of any employer past or present, and possibly not wholly those of you either. Most of the pieces here are highly opinionated, even bordering on contrarian, but I like to imagine they all have something true and interesting to them. However, you may have to dig through a bit of rambling to get to it.


This is a curated list of strong opinings about software development. I've tried my best to keep the tone and content so they can safely be read or shared at work, but the wording is quite frank and may come off as very confident in itself. I personally find this a good style for eliciting reflection and discussion, but if you don't you've at least been warned now.

Software products

I tend to spend more time ranting about software than writing it, but what little I do write is generally a reaction to not liking what everyone else is using and enjoying. This usually means the software is quite niche, but potentially also that it might offer you a new view on their topics. That's my hope, anyway.